O' MUMSIE Happy Leg Gel



A soothing leg gel for pregnant and post-pregnant ladies. Active ingredients like Spirulina, Aloe vera, and cucumber present in the gel depuffs and relaxes the leg. Massage generously to activate the ingredients for a pain-free leg.

✔ Soothing Leg Gel for Moms: Specifically designed for pregnant and post-pregnant ladies to alleviate leg discomfort.

✔ Powerful Active Ingredients: Formulated with Spirulina, Aloe Vera, and Cucumber for effective depuffing and relaxation.

✔ Depuff and Relax: Massage generously to activate the ingredients, providing pain-free and happy legs.

✔ Reduces Swelling: Works better than magic potion to reduce swelling and soothe tired legs.

✔ Organic Goodness: Sourced from organic ingredients, safe for preggo mamas and mamas of newborns.

✔ Say Goodbye to Pregnancy Leg Pain: Cooling relief for swelling, restless legs, and tired feet during pregnancy.

✔ Cooling Leg Gel: Made with pregnancy-safe ingredients like Aloe Vera and Spirulina.

✔ Relief for Common Pregnancy Symptoms: Alleviates swelling, aches, and restless leg syndrome caused by pregnancy.

✔ Easy Application: Apply a small amount to legs, ankles, and feet, massage gently for quick absorption.

✔ Refreshing Sensation: Leaves behind a refreshing and cooling sensation for ultimate comfort.

✔ Morning and Night Use: Use in the morning to wake up legs and reduce puffiness, or at night for better sleep.