✨Baby Gift Set ✨



Set includes:

O' MUMSIE Vapor Baby Bubblebath

This vapor bath comes with the power of Lavender, Menthol, and Rosemary oil. Add few drops of this liquid for an ultimate vapor bath. It helps to clear the sinus and soothes the baby during the bath.

O'MUMSIE No Rinse Body Cleanser

This no-rinse cleanser cleans baby and children without water. Our cleanser is gentle on their skin. Olive oil and Aloe vera work in unison to soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin. Damp a soft cloth with this cleanser and wipe to clean. Ideal for makeup removal too.

O'MUMSIE Baby Sleep Balm

This baby sleep balm that helps your child fall asleep. Directly massage the balm onto the pulse points at night time. Lavender, Chamomile, and spearmint oil will relax the body and create a soothing aura. Our balm is organic, natural, and safe.

O'MUMSIE Baby Hair Growth & Scalp Care Oil

Nurture and nourish your little one's delicate hair and scalp with our Omumsie Baby Hair Growth & Scalp Care Oil. Our specialized formula is a gentle and effective solution to promote healthy hair growth and maintain a nourished scalp. It's perfectly balanced with essential natural vitamins and nutrients, designed exclusively for your baby, but suitable for all family members and all hair types.

O'Mumsie Baby Massage Gel Oil

This O’mumsie massage gel-oil is a gentle yet highly moisturising product that nourishes like an oil but gets absorbed like a gel. SPA TIME massage oil-gel provides great relief from the discomfort associated with dry and dehydrated skin.

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