Baby Hair Growth & Scalp Care Oil



Thicker & Shinier Hair

Nurture and nourish your little one's delicate hair and scalp with our Omumsie Baby Hair Growth & Scalp Care Oil. Our specialized formula is a gentle and effective solution to promote healthy hair growth and maintain a nourished scalp. It's perfectly balanced with essential natural vitamins and nutrients, designed exclusively for your baby, but suitable for all family members and all hair types.

✔ Boost Hair Growth

✔ Shiny, Thicker, Stronger & Softer hair

✔ Nurtures the hair, scalp, and roots

✔ Addresses persistent baby bald spots effectively

✔ Eliminates cradle cap and flaky scalp issues

✔ Enhances the hair's flexibility

✔ Moisturizes and repairs dry, fragile hair

✔ Revives and securely locks in abundant moisture ✔ Boosts the hair's radiance and shine

✔ Fortifies and augments hair thickness

✔ Leaves hair noticeably softer and more manageable

✔ Aids in dandruff and dryness prevention

✔ Safeguards against breakage and excessive shedding

✔ Improves moisture, softness, and length retention

✔ Alleviates dryness, itching, and scalp inflammation 1


Quantity: 100 ml / 3.5 fl oz

Age Group - 0 months +



* Coconut: Nourishes and moisturizes for softer, healthier hair.
* Amla: Strengthens hair follicles, promoting growth.
* Bhringraj: Supports hair growth and reduces hair fall.
* Brahmi: Improves scalp health, aiding hair growth.
* Basil: Enhances scalp circulation for better hair growth.
* Fennel: Soothes the scalp, reducing irritation.
* Almond: Provides essential nutrients for strong hair.
* Soybean: Adds shine and smoothness to hair.
* Apricot Kernel: Conditions and hydrates the scalp.
* Avocado Oil: Moisturizes and prevents dryness.
* Carrot Root Extract: Rich in vitamins for hair health.
* Clary Sage: Balances scalp oils, reducing greasiness.
* Tea Tree: Fights scalp infections and dandruff.
* Birch: Purifies the scalp, promoting hair growth.
* Argan: Adds shine and minimizes frizz.
* Clove: Improves blood circulation in the scalp.
* Rosemary: Strengthens hair and reduces hair loss.
* Lemongrass: Adds a refreshing scent while promoting growth.
* Lavender: Calms the scalp and reduces inflammation.
* Eucalyptus: Prevents dandruff and promotes cleanliness.
* Nutmeg: Enhances blood flow, aiding hair growth.
* Macadamia Nut: Conditions and tames unruly hair.
* Ylang-ylang: Promotes hair thickness and strength.
* Myrrh: Reduces scalp inflammation and irritation.
* Tamanu: Promotes healthy hair and scalp.
* Bamboo Extract: Strengthens hair from root to tip.
* Vitamin E: Provides antioxidant protection for hair.
* Thyme: Promotes hair growth and thickness.
* Bacopa Monnieri: Nourishes hair and supports growth.
* Ginger Root: Stimulates hair follicles for growth.
* Cucumber: Hydrates and refreshes the scalp.
* Shea Butter: Moisturizes and softens hair.
* Wheat Germ: Rich in nutrients for healthy hair.
* Bergamot: Adds a pleasant scent and shine to hair.
* Cedarwood: Balances oil production for healthier hair.
* Nettle Seed Oil: Reduces hair shedding and promotes growth.
* Sesame: Nourishes and strengthens hair.
* Sunflower: Prevents breakage and adds shine.
* Fenugreek: Reduces hair fall and promotes thickness.
* Pumpkin: Rich in vitamins for hair health.
* Flax: Strengthens hair and prevents breakage.
* Camellia: Adds luster and manageability to hair.
* Pomegranate: Promotes hair growth and scalp health.
* Castor: Enhances hair thickness and reduces breakage.
* Hemp: Moisturizes and conditions hair.
* Grape: Provides antioxidant protection for hair.
* Poppy: Nourishes and revitalizes the scalp.
* Borage: Soothes the scalp and reduces itching.
* Hibiscus: Stimulates hair growth and adds shine.
* Curry Leaf: Strengthens hair roots and reduces hair fall.
* Black Seed: Promotes hair thickness and health.
* Mustard: Conditions and adds shine to hair.
* Karanja: Reduces dandruff and scalp irritation.
* Bottle Gourd: Moisturizes and hydrates the scalp.
* Kalonji: Strengthens hair and prevents breakage.
* Garden Cress: Nourishes and supports hair growth.
* Plum: Adds moisture and vitality to hair.
* Passion Fruit: Conditions and tames frizz.
* Jojoba: Balances scalp oils and adds shine.
* Jyotishmati: Promotes hair growth and thickness.
* Pecan: Nourishes and strengthens hair.
* Hazelnut: Adds shine and smoothness to hair.
* Marula: Moisturizes and repairs damaged hair.
* Walnut: Strengthens hair and reduces breakage.